Becton Dickinson (BD) Korea said it has completed Bard Korea's acquisition and integrated its Korean legal entity into BD Korea from Monday.

Becton Dickinson Korea has completed the integration of Bard Korea.
Becton Dickinson Korea has completed the integration of Bard Korea.

BD, a global medical technology company, acquired Bard for $24 billion in 2017. However, the two companies have been operating as independent corporations in Korea until now.

BD provides various solutions in medical research and genomics advancement, infectious disease and cancer diagnosis, medication management, and infection prevention. Through the merger with Bard, the company has further expanded its pipeline by consolidating Bard's high-growth medical device divisions in surgery, interventional procedures, and oncology, it said.

With the completion of the merger process, BD Korea plans to expand the field of treatment for diseases, including peripheral vascular disease, urology disease, hernia, and cancer, which were Bard Korea's main expertise, the company said.

Bard Korea provides products in various fields, such as urology, peripheral vascular, hematological oncology, and surgery. Its major products include EnCor (vacuum suction breast biopsy device), Arctic Sun (hypothermic treatment device), Magic3 (silicone-based intermittent self-catheter), ConQuest 40, and Venovo venous stent (balloon catheter used for peripheral vascular disease), and Arista (an absorbable hemostatic product).

"BD Korea is a leading company in research, diagnosis, treatment, and infection prevention, while Bard Korea was holding a high market share in peripheral interventions, biopsy, and targeted temperature management," BD Korea General Manager Jason Hwang said. "Now that these two great companies have integrated into a single entity, we expect to play a greater role in the domestic medical device market."

The company is confident that the merger will create greater synergy and growth in the future.

Hwang stressed that there would be no confusion among employees due to the integration as they have already gone through the coordination process while working together in one office space for three years.

"Finally, the integration will be an opportunity to improve the health of more patients according to the BD's global corporate philosophy, 'Advancing the world of health,'" Hwang said.

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